The Space Age

by Sgt Dunbar & the Hobo Banned

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The first of our twelve releases happening in two thousand and thirteen, The Space age covers the events In Which Our Band of Adventurers Make Final Preparations for their journey.


released January 18, 2013

Artwork for the first installment of "The Space Age" was superbly designed and executed by Matthew Ferguson.



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Sgt Dunbar & the Hobo Banned Albany, New York

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Track Name: Anna Mae
Down by a river made of midnight
where the moon meets the sunlight
we'll sail from shallow shores from the sea
riding the wave of all that you gave
until we have nothing left to keep
this death is but a long awaited sleep

Up on a tower to the heavens
we saw souls there were seven
who finally found themselves floating free
they died, in their own ovens they fried
blistering in hatred's horrid heat
but its only now they see

We are flowers fallen from clouds
dug deep and growing from the green ground
we sway and stay serenely within ourselves
Anna Mae you marry me
with empty rings around your eyes
you know that I'm not afraid to die
Track Name: Letter #7
if you can use it with prudence
and not be confused by your desire to move
you can grow into your solitude

to believe in all you see isn't easy
we don't know much but that we must trust
in whats difficult is a truth that will never abandon us

this is the ultimate, the final task for which
human lives are still barely large enough
because if its myself i lose ill lose you too
when we can't tell whose outline is whose

with all your forces around your anxious heart
in a deep aloneness you learn loves secret
only there and then can you keep it

be yourself for me, honestly
because falsely sharing is undervaluing
who you say you love so deeply

what could you see in the broken heap
i would be if i gave myself to you
in all my confusion and called it communion
this inducement is only human
but there are signs i see, speaking and shining
that two solitudes can be at peace
and with the time to suffer they can greet one another
and as good lovers
each protect the other
Track Name: Peach Green Hussy
Raging waves of the sea
foaming out their own shame
under wandering stars
by distance laid lame
in the darkness of blackness forever

When the ships come in
to be among them

Standing on the shore
looking like your bored
its just another jealous lover to tame
but the memory remains
Prometheus in chains
I wonder what your mother would say

When the rain comes down
to wear the thorned crown

When the end comes near
I will be here